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"Believe it or not, Isnain has been a part of our lives; her voice echoes in our homes nearly every day - courtesy of the jingles and voice overs she has done in her career since her childhood."

- Aayan Arif , Musicians of Pakistan

Isnain started her voice career at the tender age of 7 Singing for Television Commercials / Jingles.Since then Isnain khan has not only established herself as a Vocal Powerhouse to be reckoned with but also as a Distinctive Songwriter-Composer and Poet, and a creative writer.

Her first Ep showcases all of the above talents in an eclectic manner. She writes her songs and Poetry by drawing inspirations from everyday struggles, realities she’s had to learn.

Hence the title is “Isnain’s fables “. Her songwriting, poetry and essays explores mental health issues, social conflicts, philosophy, peace and love.

As a composer each track of her EP is a musical homage to the greats she’s grown up listening to.
Isnain aims to write/ compose music on subject matters which are seldom looked upon. Besides singing/ songwriting, She writes Poems and Essays elucidating life lessons she experiences ,all in her own time and manner.

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